Angelina Jolie Is Finally Able To Move On After Brad Pitt Divorce Thanks To This Controversial Man

Angelina Jolie Is Finally Able To Move On After Brad Pitt Divorce Thanks To This Controversial Man
Credit: The Independent

After her failed romance with Brad Pitt, actress Angelina Jolie has finally found happiness, thanks to a man.

The romance between Angelina and the father of her children lasted 11 years. The power couple grabbed headlines on the red carpet, with their movies, their multicultural children, and their humanitarian works.

A source close to Angelina told Hollywood Life that it was hard for her to move on from Brad, but all of that has changed.

The person said Angelina has turned to her father, Jon Voight, and other family members who are able to bring her a new source of happiness.

The insider shared: “The divorce was really hard on Angie, as she loved Brad like she hadn’t loved anyone else before, so it’s nice to see her turning a corner and seeming a lot more relaxed and at ease these days. She was very tense and not herself when she and Brad first separated. Angie likes to live a private life for the most part, however, she also likes to live a very normal life which is why she has no problem taking her kids to do normal kid activities. Even with photographers there, she will still continue doing this. It’s really important for Angie to let them be normal children.”

The source stated that the actress is also delighted by her children's handling of the divorce and added: “The kids are handling everything as best as possible and seem happy and really are just normal children with very famous parents. They are very polite, bright and friendly. The twins are also very, very into sports and are quite agile.”

While they may have had an estranged relationship in the past, Angelina's father has apparently decided to be present in her life.

The family friend went on to say this about the controversial man: “Angie also has been quietly spending time with her dad Jon [Voight, 80] still and they seem to have really repaired that relationship in full. He is a big part of the kids lives now, too, and has kind things to say about Brad even.”

Angelina is moving forward, and some of her fans could not be happier.

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  • Lisa Melby
    Lisa Melby Feb 4, 2019 9:50 AM PST

    Sounds like an announcement that Angelina Jolie will continue abusing her children's privacy with her scheduled pap walks. How sad! OTHER celebrities are NOT seen with their children, if they are, their children's faces are blanked out. Really great parents, Halle Barry and Jennifer Gardner have gone to court to have the court forbid paps from photographing their children. Angelina Jolie schedules endless pap walks. BIG DIFFERENCE IN PARENTING, if you could call Jolie a parent at this point. Those poor Kids!

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