Angelina Jolie Is Adjusting To Life Without Brad Pitt As A Single Mother

Angelina Jolie Is Adjusting To Life Without Brad Pitt As A Single Mother

Angelina Jolie realizes that she will be alone after splitting from Brad Pitt and is now adjusting to her new life as a single mother.

The latest report that surfaced claimed Jolie is overwhelmed by the heavy loads and responsibilities that come with raising six children by herself.

Since leaving Mr. Pitt, the 42-year-old humanitarian is the one, who has custody of Maddox, 15, Pax, 12, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 8, and has been traveling all over the world with them for educational purposes and to promote her projects.

According to an insider, Jolie is doing her best to adjust to her new life and reality.

To do so, she has opted not to date any of the famous men pursuing her and will focus on the role of motherhood.

The family friend claimed: “Angelina has not thought about getting into a new relationship. All of Angelina’s focus has been on the kids, and ensuring that they are healthy and happy.”

The source went on to say that it is a slow process, but it is going well despite the stress that comes with raising a teenage boy and a tomboy who is missing her father dearly.

The chatty pal explained: “Angelina is readjusting to the single life, that does not mean she has moved on with another man. She is taking it close, and she is looking forward to the future once again.”

The person added: “She stresses as much about the kids. Angelina has been meditating a lot over the past few months, and she has finally made peace with herself, and with Brad. The anger and bitterness she felt towards him have dissolved, and she is no longer second-guessing her decision to end their marriage.”

As for Pitt, he is willing to work out the issues with Jolie in a private setting for the sake of his children.

The insider stated: “Every decision he makes is for the well-being of his children. He is being very careful about not talking publicly about any of his disagreements with Angelina. Brad is totally fine and has not taken offense or been upset about anything Angelina has said about him in her interviews. Brad has never talked about the kids or has brought them into his legal bout with Angelina."

The divorce is forcing this family to readjust.

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  • What Ever
    What Ever Sep 27, 2017 12:20 AM PDT

    Hahaha, opted not to date the famous men perusing her? Hahahaha..because its no one!! Smh Brad would be the only one chasing and its highly unlikely he is, never know though. Too bad its turned out the way it has for them. Hopefully their private life is much better than their public personas.

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