Angelina Jolie Is Actually Happy -- Brad Pitt's Ex Does Have A Dating Life

Angelina Jolie Is Actually Happy -- Brad Pitt's Ex Does Have A Dating Life
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After a few failed marriages, the most recent one being with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie is said to be enjoying the single life and plans to keep things as they are as long as possible.

Jolie was rumored to be dating a few famous faces and even a British business mogul since ending her decade-long romance with Pitt.

According to a new report that surfaced via Hollywood Life , Jolie is solely focused on her groundbreaking humanitarian work and her children.

The person, who spoke to the website, stated that Jolie is actually happy to be by herself and no longer feels that she needs to be with a man to feels complete.

The person in the know said the following: “Angelina is very fulfilled right now with her work and her kids, she isn’t dating anyone, and that is by choice. She’s thrilled again and doesn’t feel that a romantic relationship is something she needs in her life to feel complete or happy. It’s not about her not being able to move on for Brad, and he has nothing to do with her decision, not to date, she just really has no interest right now. That could change, of course, but right now, her focus is solely on her work and her kids, her plate is full.”

The family friend went on to explain that Jolie does hope to date again, but it will be on her own terms.

The pal told the media outlet: “Angelina will date again when it feels right. She trusts her instincts and relies heavily on her intuition so if she meets someone and she feels that spark and feels drawn to get to know them further, then she’ll explore that. But she won’t go looking for it; love will have to come to her. She’s always been that way when the right person comes along; she knows it, and she goes for it. Until that happens, she is more than happy to be single, so she won’t be putting time or effort into looking.”

By the looks of things, Pitt has not been able to move on with another woman since splitting from Jolie.

What are your thoughts on Jolie’s decision to keep focusing on herself instead of being in a serious relationship?

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