Angelina Jolie Has Been Feuding With Charlize Theron For Years, New Romance With Brad Pitt Will Only Make It Worse

Angelina Jolie Has Been Feuding With Charlize Theron For Years, New Romance With Brad Pitt Will Only Make It Worse
Credit: Source: Inquisitr

Brad Pitt’s rumored new girlfriend, Charlize Theron , has been feuding with Angelina Jolie for years. As Pitt and his new flame grow closer, inside sources claim that Jolie’s feud with Theron is about to get even worse.

Sources say that Theron and Jolie have constantly fought over movie roles and cannot stand being in the same room as each other. Their feud allegedly started after Jolie hesitated to commit to a role in the new Bride of Frankenstein film, which cost Theron parts in other projects.

According to Radar Online , the actresses have been fighting for roles ever since. After Theron expressed interest in playing the lead in Murder On The Orient Express , Jolie stepped in and tried to steal the part. Producers ended up giving Michelle Pfeiffer the job, leaving Theron empty handed once again.

“The hate fest between these two started a long time ago and just won’t stop,” an insider shared.

The source claims that directors in Hollywood know about the feud and enjoy playing Jolie and Theron against each other. With their feud still going strong, there is no telling how Jolie reacted when she found out about Theron’s romance with her ex-husband.

Pitt and Theron have been reportedly spending more and more time together as their romance heats up. The two have not confirmed the romance rumors and are apparently keeping things tightly under wraps until Pitt’s divorce is over.

Jolie and Pitt have been battling it out in court for the past two years. The pair reportedly reached a custody agreement a few months ago and are in the final stages of completing the divorce.

That said, Pitt’s romance with Theron could slow things down, especially if Jolie wants to make things miserable for the couple.

An insider close to Brad Pitt says that the romance rumors are untrue. Although the actor has been working with Theron on the Breitling SA brand, the source claims that their relationship is purely professional.


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