Angelina Jolie Gets Emotional While Dropping Maddox At College In Korea - See The Vid!

Angelina Jolie Gets Emotional While Dropping Maddox At College In Korea - See The Vid!
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The actress understandably got pretty emotional over her son, Maddox, leaving for college! After all, the oldest out of her kids is not only the first to leave home but he’s actually going to study at Yonsei University, in South Korea so the distance is bound to make his family miss him a lot.

Angelina Jolie’s oldest child is set to start studying biochemistry there in just a couple of weeks and she could barely contain her emotions when she dropped him off on campus.

One user shared footage and pictures of the Hollywood star, taken while she was there with Maddox.

‘I leave today, I’m trying not to cry,’ she emotionally said in one of the clips.

The mother and son were still all smiles in the vids and photos the account shared on Instagram.

Jolie was very nice and down to earth, chatting with other students there and offering to pose with them for pictures.

This all took place in a building on campus and the group of students was very happy to meet her.

Maddox’s fellow students seemed to be on an orientation tour since the actual classes start on September 2.

She went on to tell them that ‘We’ve been in Seoul — we were here a little while ago when we first went to Yonsei. It seems like a great school.’

Sure enough, Yonsei is part of the so-called three SKY universities, generally regarded as the most prestigious in the country.

Reportedly, Maddox, who has been homeschooled his whole life also got the opportunity to learn Korean so he is well prepared for the move across the ocean.


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