Angelina Jolie Claims She Is The Breadwinner For Her Family Since Her Split From Brad

Angelina Jolie Claims She Is The Breadwinner For Her Family Since Her Split From Brad
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Although Brad Pitt may be hard at work on his next feature, Ad Astra , Angelina Jolie claims she is the breadwinner for their six kids. While promoting her passion project, First They Killed My Father , at the Telluride Film Festival, Jolie joked with the crowd that she had to go back to work just to provide for her family.

"I am now the breadwinner for the family so it's time,' the mother-of-six laughed as she spoke about returning to acting after taking a few years off to deal with her very public split and what she referred to as some "health issues."

How Pitt feels about her "joke" remains to be seen.

The actress was busy promoting her upcoming movie when she opened up about her health struggles. Jolie admitted that she's had a difficult year and has been struggling through some health related problems. While she didn't go into specific details, Jolie alluded that she is dealing with a serious illness , as previously reported by Celebrity Insider .

"Emotionally it's been a very difficult year. And I have some other health issues. So my health is something I have to monitor," Jolie explained. "I feel sometimes that my body has taken a hit, but I try to laugh as much as possible. Even if you are going through chemo, you need to find the ability to love and laugh."

It isn't clear if Jolie was trying to say that she is battling cancer or if she was just making a comparison. The 42-year-old underwent a double mastectomy in 2013 after doctors found she was carrying a gene that greatly increases the likelihood of developing ovarian and breast cancer.

We can only hope that Jolie was simply making a point about health problems and isn't fighting cancer along with the divorce.

Apart from the health concerns, Angelina Jolie also opened up about being single again. Although Jolie was the one who pulled the plug on the marriage, she confessed that living without a partner is not something she wanted . In fact, Jolie couldn't think of any positive things about being single and believes it is simply a hard thing to experience.

Jolie and Pitt called it quits in September of 2016, after being together for over a decade. The couple share six children – Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox – and have not finalized their divorce just yet.

There's no telling when Pitt and Jolie will work out the custody and financial aspects of their split, but they are focused on co-parenting until things settle down.

The news of Jolie's health problems comes on the heels of rumors that she and Pitt might be getting back together. Pitt has drastically changed his life over the past year, including giving up alcohol and going to therapy.

Although Jolie is happy with the changes, inside sources claim that they are not headed for a reconciliation and are just focused on the health of the family.

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