Angelina Jolie And Tom Cruise - An Unlikely Couple?

Angelina Jolie And Tom Cruise - An Unlikely Couple?

It sounds crazy and it most probably isn’t true but rumors about Angelina Jolie hooking up with Tom Cruise have been going around! What is this about?

If you have been keeping up with the estranged Brangelina couple you should know that Brad Pitt has been linked to pretty much every Hollywood actress he has ever been in contact with, some of them even married. Now, it’s Jolie’s turn to have a crazy dating rumor with none other than her leading man!

According to US magazine National Enquirer, the unlikely pair has been seen on “secret romantic meetings."

The publication explains that their first few meetings at Tom’s Scientology headquarters in England were strictly professional. Despite the fact that they initially met to talk about their new film project, things evolved pretty quickly between them and they started to be involved romantically.

In addition, while "Angie’s been super stealthy" about the possibility of “hitting it off” with someone new after more than a decade with the same man, it "sweetens" things that her now former hubby is bothered by it. Reportedly Pitt and Cruise feuded while filming for Interview with a Vampire back in 1996.

“It definitely sweetens things for Angie that by getting with Tom, she’s getting under Brad’s skin,” one source claimed for the tabloid.

Despite the publication’s claims, it looks like the unlikely pair does not really exist and they are not involved in any way more than just professionally. So if you were in fact excited to ship the new pair, the chances of that happening are very small, considering one source close to the actress claimed the rumors are "simply not true."

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  • Mia
    Mia Apr 8, 2017 4:24 PM PDT

    Jolie and Cruise deserve each other, both are egotistical emotional abusers.

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