Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Are Gearing Up For Shiloh's Birthday - Will He Be There?

Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Are Gearing Up For Shiloh's Birthday - Will He Be There?
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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are slowly making progress in this whole co-parenting thing, and the father of six is hoping that his estranged wife will be cooperative enough to let him take part in the birthday festivities of his daughter, Shiloh.

Jolie and Pitt's little girl, Shiloh, will turn 11 on May 27, and the Hollywood actor and producer is ready to do all that it takes to make his child happy.

An insider claimed that Shiloh, who adores and looks up to her father, wants nothing else for him to be present at her birthday bash.

The same source claimed: “Brad wants to have a joint birthday party for Shiloh [Jolie-Pitt].He’s hoping Angie will agree [to it], and for the day put their differences aside for their daughter’s sake. Brad knows how much this would mean to Shiloh, for them to all be together on her 11th birthday.”

The trusted insider went on to reveal that Pitt is aware that the divorce has turned their lives upside down but is willing to bend backward to see his children - especially on their birthdays.

The spy shared: “Her birthday isn’t until May 27, but Brad is already trying to make this happen.He knows this is going to be tough, but sooner or later they have to see each other and break the ice.”

The person explained that it will be a low-key birthday party where the family will gather with homemade decorations, cake, and music.

A person close to the former couple spoke to People and said that they are doing their best during this tough time.

The individual shared: "It was a rough time, but they were able to resolve it. This is a work in progress."

If this report is confirmed, Mr. Pitt should be applauded, for taking steps to be in his children's lives in a world where the statistics on deadbeat dads neglecting their children are alarming.

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  • Holley
    Holley Apr 5, 2017 5:11 AM PDT

    Yes, it would be the high road if they would swallow their pride and put their differences on the shelf as they celebrate the beautiful life they created together. I do it regularly as a step-parent with full -custody of a child I am pretty much raising on my own and in the middle of 2 biological parents who fight constantly. It only hurts the child when adults do not try to put the children first.

  • Christina
    Christina Apr 4, 2017 8:39 PM PDT

    Has it already been 11 years? Man time fly's! I hope the child has the best b-day and all her wishes come true. Hopefully the divorcing parents can see past their differences and just see what they created together in love and just celebrate loving their creation together. First bio child together. These kids are super blessed to have both parents around as they grow up. I hope they celebrate every b-day together.

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