Angelina Jolie Admits She 'Doesn't Enjoy Being Single'

Angelina Jolie Admits She 'Doesn't Enjoy Being Single'

The Hollywood actress has opened up about her single life following her divorce from Brad Pitt and apparently, she is not very fond of it. Angelina Jolie admitted that she has been emotionally struggling without a partner.

The star explained that even though it may look like she has it all under control, most of the time she is just trying to get through her lonely days.

‘I do not enjoy being single. It is not something I wanted. There is nothing nice about it. It's just hard. Emotionally it has been a very difficult year, and I have some other health issues that I have to monitor,’ Jolie confessed.

But the actress couldn’t stress more how important staying positive through it all is, explaining that she tries to laugh as often as possible.

Not only for herself but also for the kids who feel the stress and negativity around the parent and get affected as well.

Angie explained that at the moment, she doesn’t have any big projects in the making, so she tries to focus as much as possible on her six children.

Aside from going to cooking classes as a hobby and an activity that she can then enjoy with the family, the actress is also trying to pay more attention to her mental health.

As the kids are growing up and more of them are hitting their teens, Angelina Jolie thinks she’ll start to be more fun and rediscover her old self that at the moment seems lost.

Are you surprised Jolie has a hard time being single? Do you think she should start dating again?

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