Angelia Jolie Talks Homeschooling For Her 6 Kids Amid The Pandemic - 'We're Lucky'

Angelia Jolie Talks Homeschooling For Her 6 Kids Amid The Pandemic - 'We're Lucky'
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As you might be aware, Angelina Jolie ’s six kids are all at home amid the pandemic and studying online just like many other young ones out there and the actress opened up about how that has been for them during a new interview. According to the Hollywood star, everyone is ‘helping out’ and the actress feels like they are all really ‘lucky’ to be together.

Obviously, the Jolie-Pitt bunch is getting pretty bored at home with nothing much to do amid the COVID-19 quarantine as well.

Despite this, however, they are all thriving when it comes to homeschooling, claims Angie .

During her interview for Extra, Jolie was happy to dish about her children's life at home in lockdown and how their education is going.

It’s no secret that even Maddox, the eldest of the family who had moved to South Korea for college is back home now and attending classes online.

‘[Maddox] had to stay back from Korea. He’s going online, and I think he starts at 6:00 pm at night,’ the actress dished during the interview.

She went on to update her fans about the other five as well, saying that ‘They’re all together and it is a nice big bunch, so everybody’s helping each other out. We’re lucky.’

Angelina did acknowledge, however, that not everyone out there is as lucky: ‘My biggest concern actually during the pandemic is children. There was a 40% drop-off of hearing reports of abuse of children and what that means is that those like the teachers who recognize what is happening to the child and can report it cannot see the child so domestic violence is a very big concern during this time. Humanity always comes forward in times like this.’

As for their dad, Brad Pitt , he was seen visiting on his motorcycle a couple of times even though everyone is currently only living at Angelina Jolie's house to avoid spreading the pandemic so it's safe to say that he still keeps in touch as much as he can.

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