Angela Simmons' Video Featuring Her Son Will Have You Laughing - Check It Out Here

Angela Simmons' Video Featuring Her Son Will Have You Laughing - Check It Out Here
Credit: BET

Angela Simmons posted a video featuring her son on her IG account. Fans are laughing and gushing over the cute kid in the comments. You should check out the video below.

'Someone come get my son lol !!! My clothes a mess, underwear, and boobies ( bras) 😂😂😂 someone come get him !! HaHa he told me my stuff is a mess. Currently cleaning my closet for me. I can’t make this stuff up! I’m in for a ride lol 😂' Angela captioned her post.

Another follower said: 'Remember that episode of Runs House when @diggysimmons wouldn’t use the same hand soap.'

Someone else posted this: 'Lil guy i truly understand your dilemma -  this my inner self talking to the wife about her stuff everywhere stay blessed.'

A fan wrote: 'Kids are too honest. They will tell you about yourself when you least expect it,' and one other commenter said: 'So cute that's good he's gonna be a clean man my son won't even pick his toys up.'

Someone else said: 'And if you ever need your place to be sparkly clean when you come home from your busy schedule’ wifey is a DM text away.'

A follower posted this: 'My son was the same way since a toddler. He is now 12 and keeps my home in tack for me. I told him to start a cleaning business. He said he clean for fun not for work. So should I stop paying him? @angelasimmons.'

Another commenter wrote: 'She probably tells him the same thing about his room now it’s his turn.'

Someone else exclaimed: 'Children are the coolest!! Clean it yourself if you mad!! (I used to say that about my parents.'

In other news, Angela made her fans emotional just the other month.

As you probably know by now, Sutton Tennyson, the father of Angela's 3-year-old son, was shot in Atlanta, Georgia, fatally wounding him in November of 2018.

Angela has struggled emotionally with the death of her child’s father and she addressed the tragedy .


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