Andy Dick Claims He'll Testify Against Man Who Knocked Him Out Last Year

Andy Dick Claims He'll Testify Against Man Who Knocked Him Out Last Year
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Last year, Andy Dick was in the headlines after a man punched him in the face following a show in New Orleans. Page Six reported today that Mr. Dick wants to work with prosecutors and testify against the man who assaulted him in Louisiana.

This Wednesday, the standup comedian admitted he had stopped speaking with authorities regarding David Hale, 47, whom Andy supposedly assaulted, leading to Hale attacking him following his comedy show. The man accused Andy of grabbing his genitals, and Hale attacked him in an act of revenge while in the French Quarter in August 2019.

Nola was the first to report that the prosecutors in the case chose to drop the battery charges against Hale because the comedian wasn't cooperating with them. Dick admitted to not speaking to them, claiming he has been in a rough position ever since it happened.

According to Andy, he's now more than willing to work with the authorities, claiming that David Hale tried to kill him, but he didn't manage to finish the job. The comic explained how he didn't want to deal with it because he was genuinely frightened of David.

However, Dick says if someone doesn't press charges against the 47-year-old man, he may kill someone. Michael Kennedy, who's acting as Hale's legal representative, said they were happy the case had been dropped.

Even if Dick decides to work with the prosecutors to bring the case to fruition, Kennedy explained he and his client are positive he'll be exonerated in the end. As it was previously reported, Dick says Hale asked him for a picture one night after a comedy show on the 10th of August.

Dick claims Hale pulled his shirt up, and he put his hands on his stomach for the picture. However, Hale says Dick grabbed his genitals.  After the show, Hale approached Dick and punched him in the face, knocking him unconscious with bleeding in his brain.


Dick was rushed to the hospital. During a conversation, Dick explained how he really hasn't been doing well ever since he was punched in the face last year.

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