Andy Dick Challenges An Open Secret As They Allege He Prefers Teen Boys

Andy Dick Challenges An Open Secret As They Allege He Prefers Teen Boys
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The tension is building between accused serial groper Andy Dick and an Open Secret after they shared a tweet accusing the comedian and actor of preferring teen boys and having them brought to him. Dick has made recent news after old video footage surfaced of him appearing on Jimmy Kimmel and behaving inappropriately with Ivanka Trump.  Dick is currently facing sexual battery charges for allegations he groped a woman whom he didn't know back in April.

An Open Secret, the force behind the eponymous movie that exposed Hollywood's pedophilia problem, is keeping tabs on those in Hollywood they have received information in regards to alleged sexual misconduct and behavior.

Now they have Andy Dick on their radar and it seems they aren't going to lose sight of him any time soon.

Much of their reporting has proved true and their latest fight against Dick takes the allegations and charges against him to another level.

Not only is Andy Dick accused of serial groping and even licking people's faces, but An Open Secret alleges he has been having teen boys sent to him for his sexual gratification.

An Open Secret stated the following in response to Dick's denial of the allegations coming forward against him.

"Hey @ andydick - we know about your getting teen boys sent your way by Brett Schulte - who also procures vulnerable young Hollywood males for directors Bryan Singer, Gus Van Sant & others. We’re very detail-oriented documentary filmmakers & have lots of evidence. Tick, tock."

You may see the tweet shared by An Open Secret below.

An Open Secret's thread is not only going viral, but it's attracted many comments where people are accusing and alleging various crimes against Dick that far exceed the groping charges that he faces.

There are more than 1,000 comments on the thread and Andy Dick has responded to the allegations and involved himself in the conversation from his official Twitter account by denying that he has had sexual contact with minors.

What evidence an Open Secret has against Andy Dick remains to be seen, but there's little doubt they will release whatever they have.

Have you followed the allegations and accusations against Andy Dick? What do you think about the latest allegations by an Open Secret against him?

Do you believe the allegations that Brett Schulte has been getting teen boys for Andy Dick?

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