Andy Dick Accused Of Attempting To Expose Himself To Young Actors On Set

Andy Dick Accused Of Attempting To Expose Himself To Young Actors On Set
Source: '2 Broke Girls'/CBS

Last week, An Open Secret made startling accusations that actor and comedian Andy Dick had a preference for young, teen boys. Now, a new report is describing an alleged incident from a witness who says it was her job to act as a buffer between Dick and the younger actors on the set of Go Fish.  According to the allegations, the buffer wasn't quick enough and Dick tried to expose himself to a nineteen-year-old male working on-set. Dick is currently facing sexual misconduct charges on allegations he groped a stranger. His next scheduled court appearance is July 18, 2018.

The new allegations follow many that have been made throughout Andy Dick's career. Video footage of Dick groping Ivanka Trump's leg recently went viral and in October 2017, allegations of sexual impropriety and misconduct on the set of Raising Buchanan resulted in his dismissal.

The "Hollywood Reporter" interviewed a woman who chose to remain anonymous and said she was hired to keep track of Andy Dick and ensure that he wasn't engaging in sexual misbehavior on set, especially with young males. The article described her then position as being a "harassment cop."

She also described a meeting where she was given instructions on how to handle Andy Dick's on-set behavior. Here is a quote from the "Hollywood Reporter".

"Any time you see Andy approach one of the actors, just butt into the conversation like, ‘Hey guys, what’s going on.’ In my 20-year-old mind, I knew that it was a shady situation, but I wasn’t worried about Andy Dick and so I said yes."

You may read the full article from the "Hollywood Reporter" below.

News of Andy Dick's sexual misconduct stretch back years but have recently gone viral. The "Hollywood Reporter" states they tried to contact representatives for the young males who were on the show but to no avail.

The anonymous source stated that while trying to do her unofficial job as a harassment cop, Dick managed to get one of the young males alone in a dressing room, where he attempted to expose himself before the young man escaped.

She also explained the situation was enough to make her leave the business for good.

Are you following Andy Dick's sexual battery case? What do you think about the allegations a "harassment cop" was needed on set?

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