Andy Cohen Talks About Kelly Dodd Backlash -- Says It's The Right Of The Fans To Be Outraged

Andy Cohen Talks About Kelly Dodd Backlash -- Says It's The Right Of The Fans To Be Outraged
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This installment of Real Housewives of Orange County premiered to some of its lowest ratings ever. In addition to the franchise having multiple dramatic casting changes, fans and huge Bravo influencers have banded together not to watch because of Kelly Dodd .

Before the Coronavirus, Kelly was a fan-favorite for being a wildcard with an interesting storyline. Post-Covid -- she has shown her true colors.

From calling the virus a hoax and criticizing those who are taking the illness seriously, fans began to give Kelly the side-eye.

The distaste for Kelly reached new heights when she criticized the Black Lives Matter movement and made multiple racially insensitive remarks.

To make things worse, she dawned a Drunk Wives Matter hat for her Bachelorette party, slammed people who brought up the insensitivity of it, apologized, and then said that her PR made her apologize.

Her most recent antics include shading her new husband's baby mama.

Huge Bravo influencers decided to boycott the show and told Vice why they are drawing the line.

One influencer told the publication: 'Listen, we all watch stuff we love to hate, right? This is beyond that. This is something that's dangerous. This is someone who is spreading misinformation, who is hurting the Black community.'

While another commented: 'What she has done to this day with the spread of misinformation as relating to corona[virus], and essentially celebrating not wearing a mask and ridiculing people who are who are is grotesque.'

While guesting on Danny Pellegrino's podcast called Everything Iconic, Andy Cohen gave his thoughts on fans' reactions to RHOC .

'People have always celebrated Kelly for her outspokenness. People are usually celebrated for [being outspoken and polarizing]. But there’s been a reckoning of sorts and the line is being drawn by some fans as to what they’ll accept and what they won’t and that’s entirely their right.'


Regardless of if they fire Kelly or not, most Bravo fans have decided that the 15-season long show is getting stale.

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