Andy Cohen Says That James Corden Was Easily The Drunkest Person At The Met Gala

Andy Cohen Says That James Corden Was Easily The Drunkest Person At The Met Gala
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Andy Cohen recently stated someone he knew at the Met Gala was easily the "drunkest person" at the Met Gala this year. And Cohen confirmed that it was, in fact, James Corden who got a little too intoxicated.

During an episode of the Howard Stern Show, Cohen revealed it was James. The host said, "it was James Corden," but clarified that he wasn't terribly inebriated; he was just having a good time.

"He wasn't like blotto, blotto," the host explained. When a fan called into his show last week regarding the Met Gala, Cohen revealed that it was one of the "other" talk show hosts who drank too much.

The Watch What Happens With Andy Cohen Live star said it wasn't "Jimmy Fallon," leaving fans to assume it was either James Corden, Trevor Noah, or Stephen Colbert.

He without sin casts the first stone. Cohen admitted he isn't innocent either, as the television producer attended the Gala with his friend, Sarah Jessica Parker, and drank a fair amount himself.

Additionally, he had "an edible," and by that, Andy means food intertwined with cannabis oil, a form of marijuana ingestion significantly more potent than the usual method of smoking or inhalation.

When pressed if Sarah Jessica Parker had one too, Cohen said "no." Following the event, Andy and the other hosts including Jimmy Fallon left the Gala and went to a gay bar called Julius, in New York City.

Cohen joked, "I don't think Fallon had any idea what Julius was." As you may know, Cohen is a socialite of sorts. In prior interviews, the host has admitted to meeting up with a lot of admirers after work.


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