Andy Cohen Reveals The Gender Of His First Baby On CNN’s Live New Year’s Eve Show

Andy Cohen Reveals The Gender Of His First Baby On CNN’s Live New Year’s Eve Show
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The TV personality is ready to finally become a father and now, he revealed that he is going to have a baby boy! As fans know, Andy Cohen shared the joyful news that he was expecting his very first child via a surrogate not too long ago and now, he also revealed the fact that the bundle of joy is a son!

The gender reveal was in fact done during CNN’s live New Year’s Eve show! What a way to start 2019 for Cohen!

I remember last year just standing here and thinking, 'Will my baby be born this year?' So, this is the biggest year for me,’ the man told his co-host, Anderson Cooper.

When he was asked if he was willing to let the world know if it’s a boy or a girl, the Watch What Happens Live host did not waste any time before announcing: ‘It's a boy. And, I have to tell you something, I can't wait to meet this boy. I am so excited I barely think about anything else.’

He went on to say that ‘I just never thought that it would be possible as a gay man to have a family. And, then here we are in 2018, nearly [2019], and anything is possible. I turned 50 years old this year, and it takes some people longer to get to this place and it took me this time.’

Cohen is obviously very excited to become a dad and is looking forward to meeting the baby boy!

The news that he would have a child was shared only a few days before Christmas, and the man also mentioned at the time that the baby is due in ‘about six weeks.’

That means that it’s not much longer before he can hold his son!

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