Andy Cohen Proudly Reveals Son Benjamin Called Him 'Dada' For The First Time!

Andy Cohen Proudly Reveals Son Benjamin Called Him 'Dada' For The First Time!
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They’re growing up so fast! Andy Cohen is happier than ever since he’s become a father and now that his son, Benjamin, is saying words, he is even more excited for what’s to come in his life as a parent!

The Watch What Happens Live host revealed during the show’s latest episode that his 10 month old is talking now!

In fact, a word was said by little Ben earlier that same day so he was looking forward to sharing that with the world.

Not only that, but the word he spoke was very special to Andy since it was ‘dada!’

While chatting with his guest, Seth Meyers, the host shared that ‘My son said dada today for the first time. He said it about me.’

That’s definitely a huge milestone but Andy did mention that he was short of hearing it himself!

According to the single father, ‘I closed the door to leave and he goes, 'Dada.' So, I didn't' hear it.’

Andy did not mention whether ‘dada’ was his child’s first word ever or if it was just the very first time Benjamin addressed him but, either way, it’s still a pretty big thing so it makes sense that he is so happy about it.

Hearing this, Meyers, who is also a dad of two – Ashe, 3, and Axel, 1 – shared a story of his own regarding his youngest’s baby talk.

‘My [18-month-old] always says bye like right after it's too late. We'll say, 'Say bye. Say bye to your grandparents,' and nothing. And the minute they leave, he's like, 'Bye,’’ Seth shared, causing Andy to joke that ‘He’s your son.’

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