Andy Cohen Might Be Ready To Have Another Child Via Surrogate Already

Andy Cohen Might Be Ready To Have Another Child Via Surrogate Already
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According to a report from Us Weekly, Andy Cohen is already considering the possibility of having yet another child via surrogate. Back in February, the reality TV mogul welcomed his first baby, Benjamin, via surrogate and he's already thinking about giving him a little brother. Needless to say, things are going well between Andy and his newborn child.

The host of Watch What Happens Live spoke with reporters from the outlet and he said that he "thinks about it all of the time." Andy, 50, admitted that he's running out of time, and has to act soon. Regarding him and his 2-month-old, the star said he's "delightful."

The star said that "fatherhood is great," and added that every single day is a moment where he can share love and affection with his child. It opened doors for him in a way that he never thought was possible before. Thus far, his industry cohorts have had nothing but praise for Andy.

For instance, The Sex and the City alum, 54, Sarah Jessica Parker, thinks Andy is a great dad. Sarah told Us Weekly that Andy Cohen is a better father than she could ever be. Moreover, she believes Andy is not only living up to their expectations but also exceeding them.

Andy Cohen isn't the only celebrity to have a child via surrogate. Kim Kardashian, the KKW Beauty mogul, also welcomed a baby into the world via surrogate last year. Kanye and Kim had Chicago through a young African-American woman.

While most people, especially his peers, are thrilled with Andy for having a baby, others on social media have been less happy for him. One person wrote that "the truth about these celebrities is they have children they don't even have time to raise, so what ends up happening is that they pay a Hispanic woman to take care of it."

Another person added, "celebs adopt babies like fashion accessories. They're just props for them to use." Whether the aforementioned social media critics have a point or not, Andy's peers have been thrilled, including Kelly Ripa, who said that Andy was one of the best fathers she has ever known.


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