Andy Cohen Explains Why He Was Disappointed That Nene Leakes Left RHOA Virtual Runion

Andy Cohen Explains Why He Was Disappointed That Nene Leakes Left RHOA Virtual Runion
Credit: Source: Bravo

Just as things were heating up even more, Nene Leakes who had just finished delivering one of her most iconic reads, left the building. Or, well, the Zoom meeting.

During the second part of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, Nene decided that it just wasn't worth it.

Andy Cohen recently spoke on the moment and why he was disappointed that the Housewife chose not to return to face her critics.

'I’m always disappointed when people leave, 'cause the whole point is we're there to talk, so why are you running off? The weird thing is, she was coming into the reunion in such a great place. She had such a great second half of the season. She made amends to everybody. She has a great song out, so she came into the reunion in a really great place, I think, but didn't enjoy it.'

Although he lost one of the self-proclaimed Queen of RHOA, he couldn't stop praising the other ladies for bringing it during such an unusual adjustment of having to film virtually instead of in person.

'I was worried about [how the reunion would turn out]. I am so glad that it was Bravo that was really pushing to make it happen, and it did. I think it was really funny. I think that mute button was really funny. I was surprised [at] just how entertaining it was. That reunion is really just of this moment that we're all in right now. I mean it was -- it is just very much of this moment. I'm very proud of it and excited that we did it.'

After the episode aired, Nene took to social media with an explanation as to why she didn't see a point in continuing the reunion.

She felt a way about Andy muting her and 'drilling' her. She also claims that she's held to a different standard than her castmates.


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