Andrew Yang Announces He'll Be A Political Correspondent For CNN

Andrew Yang Announces He'll Be A Political Correspondent For CNN
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This past week, the Democratic presidential candidate, Andrew Yang, announced that he was bowing out of the presidential race. Following his departure, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Mr. Yang is taking his talents to CNN.

The outlet reported that Andrew Yang has joined CNN as a political commentator, and the cable channel news organization announced the news early this morning. On his Twitter account, Mr. Yang revealed that he was excited to join the company.

The tech entrepreneur and presidential candidate stated that he has learned a lot about the political system in the past few months, and decided to move his talents to political commentating. Yang added that he was proud to contribute to the "political discussion."

Fans of Andrew Yang have appreciated the former candidate for his irregular approach to politics, including his slogan as an example, "Make America Think Again (MATH)," while also addressing some of the other issues that candidates have ignored such as artificial intelligence and automation.

In the past, Mr. Yang has argued that as automation becomes more advanced, more and more laborers would be out of work. Moreover, the idea behind such an argument is that technological advances are coming at a much faster pace than in the past.

Unfortunately for Mr. Yang, his ideas didn't pick up traction in Iowa or in New Hampshire, meaning that he had no chance of winning the nomination. Reportedly, his first appearence on CNN will be tonight for the Democratic debate analysis.

On the 31st of January, 2020, Bridget Hill reported that Yang had accrued support from one of the most legendary comedians of the day, Dave Chappelle , who took to his Twitter account to announce his praise for the ex-candidate.

During a conversation with the Des Moines Register, Dave said he was simply doing his civic duty to speak about Mr. Yang, and didn't feel it was his job to convince anyone to vote for Yang. However, he did urge US citizens to at least "check him out."

Yang has been a popular option among celebrities, entrepreneurs, and entertainers including Chappelle, Donald Glover, and Elon Musk.

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