Andrew Lloyd Webber Participates In Trial For COVID-19 Vaccine

Andrew Lloyd Webber Participates In Trial For COVID-19 Vaccine
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Andrew Lloyd Webber is desperate to help out the theater and acting community amid the coronavirus pandemic. Page Six picked up on an Instagram post this week in which the legendary playwright revealed he participated in a trial for the coronavirus vaccine.

The 72-year-old Cats creator wrote in the caption of his post that he just finished the vaccine trial. Webber went on to say that he was willing to "do anything" to get the theaters in operation again so actors and musicians could resume their normal careers.

On Wednesday, Webber revealed he would participate in the University of Oxford vaccine trial put on by the pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca. Fans of the iconic playwright praised him for volunteering, describing him as brave and applauding him for helping out during troubled times.

As it was previously reported, the government put a stop to Broadway shows back in March of this year, and it's been reported that they won't start again until January 2021. Page Six says shows in the West End of London won't be opening until next year either.

As most know, the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent restrictions to thwart the spread of the virus have led to the closure of many businesses around the world, but the entertainment industry was hit especially hard on account of the fact most of the business involves performances in front of large crowds.

For instance, festivals such as Coachella and South By Southwest were all put on hold. Many performing artists and entertainers had to cancel their concerts around the world as well, including people like Justin Bieber, and The Weeknd.

Justin Bieber was one of the first artists who announced he was postponing Changes World Tour . However, earlier this year, both The Weeknd and Bieber announced they would resume their tours next year.

The same effect can be seen in the TV and film business, with COVID-19 restrictions making filming practically impossible. The release of films such as Mulan and No Time To Die was also postponed until later this year.

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