Andrew Cuomo Slams Donald Trump Over Lack Of Coronavirus Tests As New York Cases Hit 105

Andrew Cuomo Slams Donald Trump Over Lack Of Coronavirus Tests As New York Cases Hit 105
Credit: Source: Andrew Cuomo/Live Stream/YouTube

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is slamming Donald Trump and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for their slow response in testing New York residents for the Coronavirus and preventing private laboratories from providing tests. Cuomo held a press conference early Sunday morning where though he assured residents it wasn't time to panic, he pointed out that the best way to prevent Coronavirus from becoming worse is to test those who may have been exposed and isolate positive people as soon as possible. He also announced that over the weekend, the number of positive Coronavirus cases jumped from 89 to 105.

Governor Cuomo made it clear that the biggest threat is for the elderly and those with underlying health conditions. He reiterated that testing is crucial in protecting the vulnerable elements of society from those who are positive and carrying the virus.

He specifically referred to statements President Donald Trump made during his speech last week and said that Donald Trump's claims that everyone can get tested simply aren't true.

During President Donald Trump's speech, he made the statement that anyone who wants a test gets a test.

To that statement, Andrew Cuomo stated the following.

"We can't say to people in this country of this state anyone who wants a test can have a test. It's just not true. That's what causes the panic and fear."

You may see the full press conference New York Governor Andrew Cuomo held in the video player below.

Governor Cuomo also stated that he wants the positive numbers to increase so that those who are sick can be isolated and ultimately the Coronavirus contained.

There is very little known about Coronavirus, such as it's transmission rate, how long people who have been infected with Coronavirus are contagious, and how long the virus can live on inanimate surfaces.

You may see a post that Andrew Cuomo shared about Coronavirus testing below.

Andrew Cuomo is furious that government bureaucracy is causing a delay in New York testing and he sees no reason that private labs can't provide tests.

What do you think about Andrew Cuomo's anger against the CDC and Donald Trump's administration for delaying tests? Governor Cuomo said he has at least seven private labs that could begin testing and identifying more positive Coronavirus patients immediately.


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