Andrew Cuomo Responds To Chelsea Handler's Request For A Date While On The View

Andrew Cuomo Responds To Chelsea Handler's Request For A Date While On The View
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The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo , has become somewhat of a household name in the United States for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, good or bad. The governor, like many others, did daily press conferences where he updated American citizens and New Yorkers on the city's condition.

Subsequently, Andrew became a hot item in the entertainment industry, and many women have since been pining to get on a date with him. For instance, Chelsea Handler is just one woman who has jokingly stated that she was interested in dating Cuomo.

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In her latest stand-up special, Evolution , Chelsea Handler j oked that she wanted to get to know the governor of New York a little better. During the politician's appearence on The View , Andrew touched on her attempts to get him out on a date.

He stated that he was a "big fan of Chelsea." The governor went on to joke that the fact she lives in California would prevent them from ever meeting up together. Cuomo said on the show that at this point in his life, he is only "dating in-state residents."

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Cuomo went on to directly state that if she changed her residence to New York, rather than California, then maybe they could work something out. As most know, Handler was on The View just a few days before to explain how she feels about Mr. Cuomo.

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Handler said on the show that "he's like a big giant," like the "Incredible Hulk." Chelsea says Andrew came "on to the scene" like a big "Italian hunk," and when he told everyone to wear a mask, she was willing to do whatever he said.

She joked that she would "flatten (his) curve" and he could do the same thing to her before they "apex together." While this was obviously a light-hearted jest from Chelsea Handler, the star was in the headlines for more controversial reasons this past month.


Chelsea found herself sparking the wrath of social media users when she said she had to "remind" 50 Cent that "he was black" after he came out to say he would move out of the United States if Trump won.

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