Andi Dorfman Addresses Her Ex-Boyfriend's Diss "Thank You, Next"

Andi Dorfman Addresses Her Ex-Boyfriend's Diss "Thank You, Next"
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Andi Dorfman has found some inspiration from Ariana Grande's latest track, "Thank U, Next." Andi recently took subtle aim at her ex-boyfriend who referred to her as the devil on social media. The 31-year-old wrote on the 9th of January, "Thank you, next. Here's to all you out there kicking a*s and moving forward!"

According to Us Weekly, the author of Single State of Mind then uploaded a popular quote that stated that individuals can't control the negative behavior of others, but they can control for "how long they participate in it."

The 34-year-old, Murray, recently made it to the top of tabloids shortly before the season 23 premiere of The Bachelor after he shared a photograph of Dorfman's head covered with a devil emoji. The star joked that haters would say it's photoshopped.

However, he has since deleted that post. He, later on, wrote a series of hashtags that accused people of not having a sense of humor in today's day and age. After people gave him a bit of hatred online, the ex-baseball player apologized in a series of videos on his Instagram Stories.

Murray said on his Instagram that he didn't notice at first, due to infrequent social media visits, but he ended up making waves in a negative way. The Bachelorette star said that he thought it was funny but apparently missed the mark.

Many of his friends, the reality star explained, actually encouraged him to leave it up, but he chose not to for fear of hurting the feelings of others. The star said, "I don't ever want to do that." He then said that "I'll see you out there."

As fans of the Bachelor Nation know, Dorfman accepted his proposal during the 10th season finale of The Bachelorette in 2014. And just five months afterward, the couple called off their engagement in January of 2015.

In her book, It's Not Okay, the star wrote extensively about her relationship with him and why it failed. Moreover, she accused Murray of being "emotionally abusive." She then went on to say that the romance was one of the most "volatile" and "f*cked up" relationship of her life.

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