Anderson Cooper Says Sorry After Calling Trump An 'Obese Turtle'

Anderson Cooper Says Sorry After Calling Trump An 'Obese Turtle'
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Anderson Cooper came out this week to say that he was sorry for using the term, "obese turtle," to describe the president of the United States of America. As it was previously reported by the Associated Press and other associations, Joe Biden was the victor in this year's election.

According to the New York Post, Trump gave a speech on Thursday night in which he claimed non-legitimate votes were used to beat him in the election. While on CNN, Cooper insulted Trump and said his reaction to the reported loss was "pathetic."

The news anchor claimed it was the "president of the United States," and the world population watched him "flail" on his back like an "obese turtle" who's realizing his "time is over." The Post says Anderson Cooper later apologized to the country during an interview with Andrew Yang .

When Cooper asked Yang whether it was possible that Trump wouldn't hand over the office to Biden, he echoed what Cooper said earlier in the weekend. Cooper responded, "I regret using those words," before going on to say that it "wasn't the person" he wants to be, and he regretted it.

As it was previously reported, Joe Biden was announced as the winner on Saturday when the state of Pennslyvania went blue. Trump needed the state in order to win the presidency, and Biden wound up taking it as well as Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia, however, Georgia hasn't been confirmed yet.

The president and his campaign are now suing many of the states for allegations of voter fraud. During his press conference earlier this week, Trump commented on the mail-in ballots once again, saying how it likely led to widespread voter fraud.

Moreover, Trump and his campaign claim one polling station wouldn't allow Republicans to watch the vote count, just to make sure the election was free and fair. Trump has been highly critical of mail-in ballots ever since the idea was announced by the democrats earlier this year.


They became more of a favored option on account of the coronavirus pandemic, which made it difficult for some to get out and vote.

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