Anderson Cooper Reveals He Cut His Own Hair And Left A Bald Spot

Anderson Cooper Reveals He Cut His Own Hair And Left A Bald Spot
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Anderson Cooper, the anchor over at CNN, recently revealed that he gave himself a haircut due to barbershop closures around the country, however, it didn't go down as well as he had hoped.

Reportedly, Cooper hasn't gotten his haircut in weeks on account of the nationwide lockdown, so he had no other choice but to cut his own hair.

During an episode of his show, AC360, Cooper revealed the bald spot on his head from cutting his own hair. The star claimed he cut his own hair the previous night and the result was a bald spot. Cooper explained that he thought the razor was set at 7, but really it was on 5.

As most know, the United States is currently on lockdown right now, and in New York, the coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll more than in any other state. One of the consequences is that barbershop and salons are closed and having a stylist come to your home is prohibited.

At least Cooper is in good company. Earlier this year, Kevin Hart had the same problem, although he never cut his own hair and left a bald spot. His issue was one of color.

The stand-up comedian explained on his Instagram that he was starting to like his grey hair, which he had to let go on account of insufficient barber visits. On his IG account, Kevin explained that he was starting to like his hair because it gave him a distinguished look.

However, it wasn't long before Kevin's regular black hair was back, so apparently, he didn't like it as much as he let on. It probably didn't help that 50 Cent, née Curtis Jackson, made fun of him on social media.

As it was previously reported, Curtis Jackson, also known as 50 Cent, poked fun at Kevin Hart and other black entertainers for looking a lot older than usual these days.

Curtis clarified his comments, however, arguing that it was all "love" and he had nothing but respect for Kevin.

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