Anastasiya Kvitko, The Russian Kim Kardashian, Puts Her Curvy Beach Body On Full Display In Swimsuit Photos

Anastasiya Kvitko, The Russian Kim Kardashian, Puts Her Curvy Beach Body On Full Display In Swimsuit Photos
Credit: Source: Anastasiya Kvitko/Instagram

Anastasiya Kvitko, who has been dubbed the Russian Kim Kardashian, is flaunting her curvy beach body in new swimsuit photos that she shared with her 10.8 million Instagram followers. Though many make comparisons between Anastasiya and Kim K, she has stated in the past that she doesn't like the comparison and considers Kim Kardashian "far behind" her. There may be something to it as Anastasiya's fans say she has more curves than Kim Kardashian does. Still, many people make the comparison and it is what she's become known for. Anastasiya has become a successful model in her own right and is a social media influencer as well as an entrepreneur. Wearing a black bikini with a pink coverup, Anastasiya tagged the company PrettyLittleThing for the bathing suit.

With the Coronavirus pandemic underway and social distancing restrictions just beginning to loosen up, many people are excited about the upcoming summer that starts on June 20, 2020. People are looking forward to spending time out in the sun and at the beach and though no one knows for sure exactly what the future holds in store, people are working out and getting ready to showcase their beach bodies again.

Anastasiya Kvitko is certainly getting ready as she posts a flurry of bikini photos on her Instagram page and when she tags a company such as PrettyLittleThing, she is sending traffic to their website. Her endorsement is powerful and she chooses who she promotes carefully.

You may see the bikini photo that Anastasiya shared on her official Instagram account below.

In addition to the above photo, the Russian beauty shared several more pictures in a photo slideshow where she showed off her bikini body in a variety of poses. At 25-years-old, Anastasiya has a long career ahead of her. Though there is no doubt she will continue to be a successful glamour model and social media influencer. She has appeared on the talk show Telemundo: Un nuevo Dia, but at this point, it is unclear whether she is pursuing an acting career.

You may see the photo slideshow Anastasiya Kvitko shared below.

What do you think about Anastasiya Kvitko? Do you agree with the Kim Kardashian comparisons?

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