Ana De Armas Lifesize Cut Out Dumped In Trash At Ben Affleck's House After Their Split

Ana De Armas Lifesize Cut Out Dumped In Trash At Ben Affleck's House After Their Split
Credit: Source: Ana de Armas/Instagram

News that Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck broke up made headline news yesterday and now, photos of a lifesize cutout of Ana being thrown away are trending. Ben Affleck and his children were photographed months ago carrying around the cutout of the 32-year-old actress and photos showing a handkerchiefed man dumping the cutout into a dumpster are going viral.

Rumor has it that it was Ben Affleck's brother Casey Affleck who threw the cutout away while others think it was a grounds worker for the 48-year-old Batman star. The photos also went viral as many found it ironic that reports stated it was Ana who dumped Ben Affleck and someone at his residence was 'dumping' the lifesize cutout into the trash. Whether it was Casey or a landscaper who dumped the cutout into the trash, the photos continue to go viral simply for the statement they make regarding Ben's and Ana's relationship.

Twitter blew up with comments from people who shared their opinions on the symbolic act of throwing away Ana's likeness and now people are creating memes based on the photos.

You may see several photos that are going viral on Twitter below.

Fans couldn't help but recall the time when Ben Affleck set the cardboard cutout in his front yard. Some of Ana's fans were upset to see the cutout being discarded and offered to rescue the lifesize image and give it a good home.

You may see a Twitter thread from June 2020 when photos of the cardboard, Ana de Armas cutout first went viral below.

People magazine was first to report that Ana and Ben had broken up (people are calling it the 'BenAna split' and the report said that Ana doesn't want to be tied down to Los Angeles.

It was believed that Ana had moved in with Ben and lived with him throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. She was even photographed moving her belongings into his mansion. The two had been together nearly a year and met while filming their upcoming movie Deep Water.


What do you think about the viral photos showing a masked man dumping Ana de Armas' lifesize cardboard cutout into a dumpster?


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