An Unlikely Critic! Kim Kardashian Talks Gun Control In The United States

An Unlikely Critic! Kim Kardashian Talks Gun Control In The United States
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To mark National Gun Violence Awareness Day, Kim Kardashian took to her website to write an impassioned piece about gun control in the United States. The reality star, like many other celebrities, urged her fans to wear orange in recognition of the movement.

On her website, she wrote the United States has more guns than any other country in the world, in fact, there are more guns in America than the rest of the globe combined.

In reference to President Trump's bill that would revoke regulations regarding mentally ill people being able to purchase guns, the star wrote, 'This is crazy!'

As CI readers know, Kim was the victim of a weapon crime in Paris when she was robbed of her jewels.

However, the issue has been close to her heart even before she was a victim of armed thieves.

She continued in her statement, 'is it more important to protect the second amendment than to protect our own children? Maybe you think so, maybe you don't- But it is important for us to at least continue to discuss and debate this openly, and to bring attention to the reality of gun violence and gun control.'

The goal of the movement Everytown, the one in which Kim Kardashian supports, is to fight for 'common-sense' reforms to reduce violence perpetrated by guns.

The website states that gun violence kills more than 90 Americans a day and hurts many other people.

For this reason, Kim says, "I'm not against guns, and I'm not against people owning guns," especially considering the event in Paris, but she recognizes the need for armed security.

The reality star supports 'stricter gun control' and believes people with mental illnesses, and individuals with prior criminal records, should not own weapons.

She finished her message saying that Americans all have a voice and a right to feel safe from people who pose a threat. Kim wasn't the only one to speak out against gun violence, Amy Schumer, Julianne Moore, and Ron Howard spoke out on the issue as well.

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