'An Open Secret' Producer Gabe Hoffman Launches Petition Asking President Trump For Child Sex Abuse Commission

'An Open Secret' Producer Gabe Hoffman Launches Petition Asking President Trump For Child Sex Abuse Commission
Credit: Source: Gabe Hoffman/An Open Secret

The producer of the critically acclaimed Hollywood exposé on child sexual abuse An Open Secret has launched a petition asking President Trump to appoint a White House, Presidential Commission to explore ways to combat and prevent abuse in multiple industries. Producer Gabe Hoffman announced the petition on the official An Open Secret Twitter account and encouraged followers to not only retweet the petition link but to personally email it to friends and family for greater response.

Several notable celebrities have shared the tweet and support it such as Rosanna Arquette and Corey Feldman. Both are extremely active and vocal in the fight against Hollywood sexual predators.

The petition seeks 100,000 signatures by March 23, 2018, in order to reach President Trump's desk, where by law, he would have to review it.

Gabe Hoffman pointed out that the petition is not a political action, statement, or even an endorsement. Rather it is a way of seeking government oversight that will bring together leaders from federal, state, and local levels who can strategize and hopefully implement legal changes that protect children from sexual abuse. Also at issue is ensuring those who perpetrate violent or sexual acts against children are brought to justice.

Hoffman is calling for stricter protections for children involved in athletics, entertainment, and religious organizations.

You may see the petition in the link below.

Gabe Hoffman is one of the voices speaking out against current injustices in child sexual abuse cases. The subject of the documentary An Open Secret also sheds light on how many perpetrators of crimes against children are actually protected and then enabled to commit more crimes by current statute of limitations laws.

One case highlighted in An Open Secret revealed that manager Martin "Marty" Weiss who was convicted of repeatedly raping a young client, beginning when he was 12-years-old, only served six months in prison. Many cases are never brought to court for prosecution due to statute of limitation laws.

Gabe Hoffman used the National Commissions found in Australia and the United Kingdom as examples of their effectiveness.

What do you think? Should President Trump start a National Commission to combat child sexual abuse? Are you going to sign the petition?

(Charisse Van Horn follows An Open Secret and Gabe Hoffman on Twitter. She supports his stance against pedophilia and child sexual abuse.)


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