An Open Secret Answers Diana Ross' Defense Of Michael Jackson 'He Sexually Abused Young Boys'

An Open Secret Answers Diana Ross' Defense Of Michael Jackson 'He Sexually Abused Young Boys'
Credit: Source: Diana Ross and Michael Jackson/Music Starts Here

An Open Secret, the organization that created the groundbreaking eponymous movie that exposed Hollywood pedophiles and predators, issued a response to Diana Ross' defense of Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson has been under intense scrutiny since HBO released the documentary Leaving Neverland.  The documentary featured the accounts of Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck who claimed Michael Jackson sexually abused them as children.

Diana Ross came to his defense and An Open Secret immediately rebuked her statements.

Diana Ross and Michael Jackson were known for having a very close relationship. In fact, it was part of his persona that he had close friends with people of various ages. In addition to older friends like Diana Ross and Elizabeth Taylor, he often had young boys sleep over his house and sleep in the bed with him.

According to Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck, it was during these nightly sleepovers that sexual abuse occurred.

An Open Secret hasn't held back in their stance that they believe Michael Jackson is guilty, as you can see from their response to Diana Ross.

In addition to the statement above, An Open Secret has repeatedly referred to payouts that Michael Jackson gave to his accusers as further evidence that Michael Jackson was guilty of the allegations. Jackson was never found guilty in a court of law and his many supporters and family members are doing whatever they can to remind the public of that.

The Michael Jackson estate has vowed to sue HBO for the documentary and his nephew, Taj Jackson, is crowdsourcing funds for a documentary that he says will clear his uncle's name and bring the truth to the public.

Still, Leaving Neverland  has damaged Michael Jackson's social media reputation. As soon as the documentary aired, people shared their opinions and there were many that slammed the King of Pop as being a pedophile.

Taj Jackson reported that Michael Jackson's children weren't handling the media attention and allegations well and said that Jackson's youngest child, Blanket (Biji) Jackson, had stopped speaking.

What do you think about Diana Ross coming to Michael Jackson's defense? Do you believe Michael Jackson was innocent or do you stand on the side of An Open Secret and believe like they stated, that he sexually abused young boys?"


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