An Old Tweet May Prove That Chrissy Teigen Is Having A Little Boy This Time Around

An Old Tweet May Prove That Chrissy Teigen Is Having A Little Boy This Time Around
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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are expecting their second baby and they officially broke the news on social media yesterday.

However, we reported the story last month , after numerous rumblings that the model and TV personality was indeed expecting.

Teigen posted a super sweet video of their daughter Luna, pointing to her stomach and saying "Baby!" as the official announcement.

While the baby's gender and due date haven't been revealed, based on something Teigen tweeted at the beginning of the year, her current bundle is probably a boy.

Due to her and Legend's trouble they had with conceiving, they choose to go the route of IVF. They were able to get a few embryos from the process and the first one that took was little Luna. When harvesting for embryos, it is possible to know the gender of the embryo and also keep it frozen for a period of time.

While Teigen was on Twitter one night, earlier this year, speaking about her struggles with conception and fertility, she revealed that the embryo that they did have left was a boy. In recent months, both Teigen and Legend have opened up about wanting to try for another child and here they are: with baby number 2 on the way.

So it's a good bet that this time around is a little boy. Though it is possible that they have harvested additional embryos since she last made that statement.

The transparency that celebrities like Teigen are providing in the hardships and trials of infertility and trouble conceiving is so necessary. They act as a voice for so many women who go through the struggles alone and feel as if they are doing something wrong, or that it is their fault.

Teigen has been open about how hard it was when they tried to get pregnant for years and nothing happened, not until they realized it was an issue of fertility were they able to take the necessary steps.

Congratulations on the blessings to the Legend family.

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