Amy Schumer’s Latest Post Baby Selfie Has Fans Divided - Is The Comedian Sharing TMI About Her Life As New Mom?

Amy Schumer’s Latest Post Baby Selfie Has Fans Divided - Is The Comedian Sharing TMI About Her Life As New Mom?
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Amy Schumer posted a very relatable selfie of her out for a hike with her five-week-old son, Gene the other day. In the photo, the comedian is sporting her hospital underwear and a sports bra, along with sneakers and that is it.

The I Feel Pretty star has always been brutally honest about her life, including her difficult pregnancy . It is not unlike her to post such a realistic and relatable picture, showcasing what her life is like as a new mom.

Her raw moment was praised by many of her followers, including Snooki who just welcomed baby number three a couple of weeks ago. The Jersey Shore star too is all about the hospital underwear and is not afraid to let her fans know when she is wearing them either.

However, not everyone was praising the comedian for her honesty. Some of her followers instead decided to shame her for sharing too much information on social media.

"Motherhood is a well-deserved gift. Put some decent clothes on and grow up. Don't get your point. Far from looking like a glowing mother. Self-respect gone to the dogs," wrote karenbkost

"I have a question. is that your front yard? Or a public area? Because I'm not sure walking in a public area in hospital pants and a bra is appropriate. I'm all for keeping it real but a tad too far?!" expressed tara_linda19

"Really. Stop it. We all know that you love to provoke being 'natural' all the time... You're going for a f*cking walk! Decent jogger shorts and a tee won't do, 5 weeks post?" shared mandy_lotbastian

Amy Schumer has been sharing the real and raw moments of motherhood. It is nothing unusual for the comedian, but some of her social media followers believe she has gone too far. Others are praising her for getting candid about motherhood and not glamourizing it, especially weeks after birth.

The thing is she might be sharing TMI, but honestly, that is what makes her a hilarious and relatable comedian. Her bluntness is what has helped Schumer become one of the most popular female comics around. Clearly having a baby is not going to change her approach to being open with her fans

Social media is torn. Did Amy Schumer go too far in her post of her walking her son in a bra and hospital underwear?

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