Amy Schumer Shows Fans Her C-Section Scar In New Viral Photos

Amy Schumer Shows Fans Her C-Section Scar In New Viral Photos
Credit: Source: Amy Schumer/Instagram

Amy Schumer proves once again that she is as real as it gets. While some new celebrity moms hide from social media until after they've reached their pre-pregnancy body, Amy is showing what most women experience after childbirth. The new mom of one-month-old Gene Attell Fischer proudly showed off her C-section scar and her fans are impressed.

Amy Schumer was in New York and shared two photos with her 9 million followers. Though Amy has had her baby, she is still dealing with post-partum issues like many women experience.

You can see Amy dressed in black leggings with a black tee-shirt while wearing a pair of sunglasses. She pulled her hair back in a messy ponytail and threw on a baseball cap. It was clear that Amy Schumer was keeping things comfy, cozy, and casual and wasn't too worried about running into paparazzi on her walk around town.

In the second photo, Amy surprised her fans with a more revealing photo. Amy lowered her leggings revealing her C-section scar on her exposed belly. Amy is as real as it gets and though her fans were surprised, none were shocked. Amy is nothing if not real.

Amy wrote the following comment displaying her usual, trademark humor.

"I’m really sorry if I offended anyone with my hospital underwear. Except I’m just kidding.#csection #balmain."

The humorous apology was in regards to an earlier photo she shared on her Instagram account.

Some people were offended when Amy shared photos of herself with baby Gene while wearing her underwear. In a culture where many are used to see the likes of the Kardashians and Jenners only posing in lingerie, to see Amy posing in her postpartum-style underwear is a jolt for some.

Amy didn't wear any makeup or clothes, she took baby Gene for a stroll in what appeared to be her bra and underwear. She explained she was 5 weeks postpartum and joked that she would wear those style panties for life.

Body positive model and activist Tess Holliday responded with the following comment.

"Thanks for being so raw and vulnerable about the realities of postpartum life. There is so much pressure placed on new moms to “bounce back” & it’s not real life. You’re doing amazing & you’re amazing & those hospital undies are COMFYYYYY💕💕💕

What do you think of Amy's realness?

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