Amy Schumer Opens Up About Her Pregnancy - Admits It's Been 'Really Tough So Far'

Amy Schumer Opens Up About Her Pregnancy - Admits It's Been 'Really Tough So Far'
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The comedian opened up about her experience with being pregnant for the first time and it looks like she is having a pretty hard time. During her Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas show just last night, Amy Schumer got real about carrying a baby.

‘I don’t like it. I have had a really tough pregnancy so far,’ Amy told the audience in attendance.

She went on to joke about how she still has ‘half a year’ of pregnancy left, and everyone has been trying to guess the sex of the bundle of joy correctly.

‘It is a 50/50 shot. It is better odds than in Vegas. I do not know what it is going to be. I think it is going to be a baby,’ Schumer joked.

As fans know, the star announced last month that she and her hubby, Chris Fischer are going to become parents for the first time.

The actress and funny woman played around with the parallels between her and Chris and Prince Harry-Meghan Markle and Photoshopped their faces on a picture featuring the royal couple to tease her pregnancy, given that Meghan is also expecting.

Even though Amy now says that her pregnancy is not a walk in the park at all, ever since the announcement, she has made sure to joke around about it.

That being said, just last week she posted on Instagram Stories a pic of her holding a friend's baby, and told her followers that she had managed to give birth to a perfectly formed and healthy baby after ‘less than four months,’ of pregnancy.

‘Let's see Meghan do that sh*t,’ she jokingly challenged the Duchess.


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