Amy Schumer Jokes That Natalie Portman Lied To Her About Parenthood!

Amy Schumer Jokes That Natalie Portman Lied To Her About Parenthood!
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Amy Schumer loves her child but that is not to say that motherhood is easy and so, she is now getting real about it!

Furthermore, she also jokingly called out fellow actress Natalie Portman for supposedly lying about this permanent job of being a mom before she became one!

While a guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers, the host mentioned that parents tend to judge their parenting skills a lot, going on to ask the comedian and actress if she believes she's a good mother.

Amy admitted she didn't think so, adding: 'It's interesting. You do not know how good you are going to be of a parent. I got really nice advice from Natalie Portman, who was like, 'You have more instincts than you know you have.' And what I am finding is that Natalie Portman's a huge liar. Because so far, all my instincts are wrong.'

Fans know that Amy and her husband, Chris Fischer, share a 21 year old son named Gene.

She went on to give an example, saying that when the two of them have to go somewhere, they sneak out so he does not cry when leaving the toddler with just the nanny.

However, she dished that she's read How Toddlers Thrive and realized that might actually not be a good thing to do.

'This book, like page one, is like, 'Whatever you do, do not sneak out. That is really bad for your child.' I'm like, 'OK.' Not to mention, we named him genital,' Amy told the host.

She was referring to the fact that the parents originally named him Gene Attell, the middle name being inspired by fellow comedian and her close friend, Dave Attell.


But then they realized that when saying his full name aloud, it sounded like 'genital' so they changed it to Gene David!

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