Amy Schumer Cancels The Rest Of Her Tour Due To Hyperemesis Complications

Amy Schumer Cancels The Rest Of Her Tour Due To Hyperemesis Complications
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According to a report from, Amy Schumer had to cancel the remaining dates of her comedy tour due to the pregnancy "complications" she has endured lately. Due to the fact she's expecting a baby at the moment, Amy has been battling with morning sickness and on a regular basis.

As it was revealed in her Instagram post, the star said she has been bothered by morning sickness nearly every morning ever since she first got pregnant. It has gotten to the point where it's bad enough for her to cancel the remaining dates because she can't fly.

"I am in my 3rd trimester and I'm still nauseous all the time and vomiting." The comedienne said she vomits even when riding in a car for five minutes. Formerly, Amy said on her Instagram that she was bummed out about canceling because she likes getting paid and loves doing stand-up.

People Magazine reported earlier that Amy had to go to the hospital in Texas due to hyperemesis. We can only hope Schumer will continue to feel better.

Putting her sickness aside, Amy's pregnancy came as a bit of a surprise, considering she broke up with a previous boyfriend, Ben, and suddenly got married to Chris Fischer.

Amy was dating Ben Hanisch but they broke up in May of last year. It didn't take long for Amy to find a new man and even get married to him. Amy and Ben first met on a dating application in November 2015 and dated for several years.

Rumor has it that Ben didn't want to have children and Amy did. For that reason, Amy called it off and quickly tied the knot with Chris Fischer, the celebrity chef. The pair were spotted having dinner together not long after her split with Ben.

When Amy and Chris got married, they exchanged vows in front of approximately 80 people, with Larry David, and Jennifer Lawrence as some of the most prominent stars in attendance. David Spade, Jennifer Aniston, and Jake Gyllenhaal were also present.

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