Amy Robach Disappointed That ABC Axed Jeffrey Epstein Story From 2015

Amy Robach Disappointed That ABC Axed Jeffrey Epstein Story From 2015
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According to a report from, Project Veritas, a right-wing organization that's known for exposing journalistic bias, just released a new video of ABC News anchor Amy Robach stating she was "disappointed" to see they crushed her 2015 story on Jeffrey Epstein.

James O'Keefe, the leader of the group, released the video and captioned it along with a message which accused networks of thwarting the investigation and reporting done by the aforementioned anchor, Amy Robach.

In the video, she claims they had nearly everybody involved, including Bill Clinton, and she tried for three years to get it out, however, they squashed the story and it never saw the light of day, until now. She says in the clip that now everything is coming out "like these are new revelations."

As it was previously reported, Epstein allegedly killed himself in August while he was gearing up for a sex trafficking trial. Robach released a statement today in which she stated she felt, as a journalist, a moment of frustration over the fact that the networks stopped her story from coming out.

Furthermore, Robach stated she was upset to see that an interview she had done with Virginia Roberts was never broadcasted because they were never able to obtain all of the necessary evidence to meet the standards from the network.

She stated that Virginia Roberts had seen Bill Clinton on Bill Epstein's private island as well. ABC News, additionally, released a statement in which they explained that the aforementioned reports didn't meet their journalistic standards, however, they never stopped looking into it.

The news organization added they had a large team pursuing the story for several years, and due to the amount of material they've conjured up, they now have a two-hour documentary as well as a 6-part podcast coming up in the following year, 2020.

In October of this year, Project Veritas also led a campaign with hopes of exposing bias from CNN as well. Staff members at CNN said they weren't worried about leaks, although, insiders stated they were "annoyed" by some of the tactics employed to acquire the information.

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