Amy Duggar King Reveals First Baby's Gender — Is She Having A Boy Or A Girl?

Amy Duggar King Reveals First Baby's Gender — Is She Having A Boy Or A Girl?
Credit: Source: Amy Duggar/Instagram

Amy Duggar and hubby Dillon King chose a unique two-part method to reveal their baby's gender. Amy is often referred to as the rebellious Duggar as she isn't following the quiverful lifestyle as her relatives. The couple married in 2015 and are now celebrating the upcoming birth of their first child that is due in October 2019.  Though Amy grew up with her cousins and Uncle Jim and Aunt Michelle, she chose to live her life in a different manner and isn't leaving her reproduction solely in God's hands, though there is no question she is ready for her blessing.

Amy shared two photos on Instagram to announce their baby's gender with her more than 300,000 followers. In the first picture, she and husband Dillon are sitting together on a bed,  wearing blindfolds as the photo seemingly asks the question what will the baby's gender be?

There was no caption for the first photo but all questions were answered in the second.

In the second photo, Amy and Dillon took off their blindfolds, rose to their knees and engaged in a loving kiss while blue feathers covered the photo revealing the couple is having a boy.

Amy used a simple word to caption the phot: B💙Y!!!!

You may see the photos below.

The gender reveal was actually a bit of a surprise as many fans sounded off on social media saying they believed the couple was having a girl. Even Amy's cousin Jessa Seewald left a comment on the gender reveal showing she was surprised!

Jessa shared the following comment on Amy's official Instagram post.

"Awwww, yay! 😍😍 So happy for y’all! I was so wrong! lol! I guessed girl all along!"

Amy responded by saying that other family members thought it would be a girl. She wrote the following in her reply and ended it with two blue hearts, as she used in her baby reveal photo's caption.

"Everyone thought it was a girl too!! Mom and gma were completely shocked!! I'm ready for a little dillon though!💙💙."

What do you think of the way Amy Duggar and Dillon King chose to reveal their baby's gender?

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