Toni Braxton Is Playing With A Louis Vuitton Face Mask And Some Fans Criticize Her

Credit: BET

Toni Braxton shared a photo on her social media account in which she has a Louis Vuitton face mask, and some of her followers criticized her for this post. Check it out below and see the reactions that Toni's post triggered.

A commenter said: 'I’m Oprah Winfrey, and I don’t have Louis Vuitton face mask’ - Oprah. 🗣' and a follower posted this: 'That mask ain't protecting A SOUL!!!!'

Someone else said: 'They said don’t wear masks you can contaminate the mask and the best thing is washing your hands and the mask can only cause more germs.'

A commenter posted: 'You better stop before Oprah tell you even she doesn’t have LV face masks.'

A fan wrote: 'This is cute, but you are playing if you aren’t using your platform to inform on masks and why they are and are not (in this case since it is not properly fitted not can it block virions) useful. But, go off sis. I wish you well! 💕 (A PhD virologist with coronavirus publications and a vaccine going to trial next week).'

More of Toni's fans said that she is not using the mask appropriately and this is not even a useful one. They believe that such subjects should not be joked with.

Someone said: 'Except that doesn’t prevent catching the virus it only prevents spreading it if you already have it 🙄' and another follower posted this: 'The droplets can still get through, not enough coverage they say. Stay safe 🙏'

A fan wrote: 'I don’t think this is a good thing to post. Scaring people is what’s scaring me,' and someone else posted this: 'How is it that even with these masks on, you still look good with them on?! 😩'

The other day, Toni made a lot of her fans freak out after sharing a photo on her social media account in which she’s wearing a mask.

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