KUWK: Kylie Jenner Gets Told Off By Daughter Stormi For Not Being Quiet During Frozen 2 Viewing - 'I Was In Shock!'

Credit: Source: wmagazine.com

Stormi Webster is already turning out to be quite the sassy one! While she and her mom, Kylie Jenner, were watching the second installment of Frozen, the two year old dissed the makeup mogul for being too noisy, telling her to be quiet!

That’s right! Kylie took to social media to share a super cute and funny video during which Stormi tells her to ‘shhhh’ while they were watching Frozen 2 together.

Given the fact that she was so into it, it sounds like the huge Trolls fan might have just found herself a new favorite movie!

Judging by the clip, the baby girl could not take her eyes away from the screen when her young mom showed her the animated film sequel.

Furthermore, the Jenner revealed in the caption that ‘We’re watching Frozen 2 for the first time and she’s really into it because I just turned to tell her I love her — I said, ‘Stormi I love you, do you love me?’ — and she said, ‘Shhhh mommy!’ I was in shock. She’s never done that before. She obviously really loves this movie.’

Despite the hurtful attitude she got to experience from her daughter for the first time, it’s safe to say that the watching experience was great for both Kylie and her little one.

After all, the mother and daughter were all snuggled up comfortably in bed and watching the movie in the dark, which all seems so cozy and relaxing!

Sure enough, as Frozen 2 was playing on the TV screen, Stormi was all eyes and ears!

It’s safe to say that she might have a new favorite one but before this, fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians were well aware that the toddler loved Trolls a lot!

In fact, for Christmas, she even got to meet the main character, Poppy but it sounds like she might be more of a Frozen 2 fan now. Time to meet Elsa and Anna!


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