Ammika Harris's Fans Attack Chris Brown For Deleting This Post Because Of One His Famous Ex-Girlfriends

Ammika Harris's Fans Attack Chris Brown For Deleting This Post Because Of One His Famous Ex-Girlfriends
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Ammika Harris recently took to social where she delighted fans and pushed their thinking --- but very quickly, the conversation turned to her baby daddy and current boyfriend, Chris Brown.

The model and new mother posted a breathtaking photo of a scenery that includes a sunset over the desert.

Ammika shared the following affirmation: "God, make no mistakes." Most fans stuck to the topic and had a healthy discussion about God.

One person had this to say: "No, he does not. He sees even what you don't see, which is why sometimes we don't understand why we go through some things we do. But he knows what he is doing. ❤️"

Another fan had the following to say: "Actually, I don't identify with any particular religion; it's just my own personal and spiritual beliefs. I guess 😊 I don't care for organized religion, so I do respect the Jewish community in regards to their perspective on that."

A follower, who agreed, shared: "You're right. He doesn't make mistakes, but He did give us the freedom of choice...whatever paths we choose for ourselves are our choices, not His... that's where saying, "choose wisely" comes into play."

This person explained: "Yes, that's it. God makes no mistakes, and that's why we Believe in him. He never does and never will, believe that hon. 🙏🙏💗 Never. He's the mighty 😍😍😍😍😍 love this photo. He definitely doesn't. . . All is according to his plan, my dear."

However, this commenter decided to address Chris's decision to delete a birthday post that he wrote for Ammika because he was told that Karrueche Tran received a sweeter gesture from her boyfriend, Victor Cruz.

The observer wrote: "Ugh, Chris brown already deleted your bday post?? Wtf you deserve better than that. I hope he doesn't hurt you. ❤️"

This defender claimed: "Girl, he can post and delete whatever he wants to, all of you stans really be doing the most... She removed his birthday post, so keep the same energy with her 🤷🏾‍♀️"

Another Instagrammer shared: "Why are you worried abt their relationship, you are not involved so don't worry abt what's going on behind closed doors, it's not your business."

This backer stated: "It doesn't matter. I'm still pretty sure he still sees those comments everywhere else, and people be tagging him in Victor and Karrueche's post as well."

Ammika is often the instigator of some serious debates.


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