Ammika Harris Tells Baby Daddy Chris Brown What She Wants In A Relationship

Ammika Harris Tells Baby Daddy Chris Brown What She Wants In A Relationship
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Model Ammika Harris has found a smart way to let her baby daddy, Chris Brown, know precisely what she wants in a relationship and life.

Ammika, who is currently in Germany, shared a message on social media where she hinted that she is searching for real love, wants to be able to talk about her feelings, including the dark ones with her partner.

She also wants to connect with Chris on another level.

One fan said: "See me not what you think I should be. Accept me for what I bring to the table and love me for all my imperfections, highs and lows. All this makes me who I am. Thank [email protected] ammikaaa in this world, and many times over, we have a tendency to forget these things.💗🖤💯🙏"

This backer shared: "Beautiful and smart and blessed and lucky and loved awsome hun it shows btw your skin tone girl on fleek fr. Ya kids are adorable hun respect."

This follower stated: "You're such a beautiful soul Ammika 😌."

A source recently spoke to Hollywood Life and explained that the re-connection between the pair.

The insider shared: "Chris and Ammika have definitely reconnected again during this quarantine because they're able to focus on each other without so much distraction from the outside world. Chris and Ammika had a lot going on when she left for Germany, so being in isolation has allowed them to get to know each other again in a way. They've always been FaceTiming so Chris can see Aeko and get updates on how his son is doing, but he and Ammika are connecting more too, and this time apart has actually been perfect for them."

The pal went on to say: "Chris and Ammika have realized much more about each other through this isolation from each other than would likely be the case had it not happened at all. They are both embracing how to work together for the benefit of Aeko, and flirting with each other from afar has definitely made the saying, 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' an actual thing that they are really taking to heart. It's been very fluid and nice between them with all the circumstances as they are figuring it all out in a positive way."


Ammika knows what she wants.

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