Ammika Harris Shows Off Her Fresh Tan And Fans Cannot Get Enough Of Her Beauty

Ammika Harris Shows Off Her Fresh Tan And Fans Cannot Get Enough Of Her Beauty
Credit: BET

Ammika Harris made her IG followers happy when she hopped online to post a new series of pics in which she's showing off her beauty and new, fresh tan. People were a bit confused, asking her where she got this gorgeous tan from.

Some people suspected that she went somewhere during these really dangerous times in which we live these days due to the coronavirus pandemic. Check out the new photos that she shared below.

A follower told Ammika: 'some people are just naturally good with their hands while posing. I'm like wtf do I do with my hands,' and someone else said: 'you look amazing and you already got back your body after the pregnancy!'

A follower asked: 'How are you so tanned during this time?' and Ammika offers this message: 'we have a backyard 😅 I be outside most of the time when the sun is out.'

Another follower asked: 'whose we 👀? Mr.Brown ?'

Someone else told Ammika: 'you're a great mother I know u don't know me so please don't think I'm a weirdo.'

A fan gushed over Aeko's mom as well and said: 'Wow ur actually so beautiful, such an inspiration to stay positive I love your energy!🤍' while another follower posted this: 'Tan and eyebrows over there flourishing lol.'

Another commenter said: 'I wanna be as beautiful as you when I get older🥺' and someone else posted this: 'That black & white top with the white pants🔥! I love how you shop at new & different clothing brand stores❤️.'

Someone else wrote: 'The fact that you model so effortlessly, and natural just blows me away! Like, you really don't have to try hard mama,' and one other follower said: 'How did you get your flat tummy back after baby? I am struggling.'

Ammika has been posting a lot of new photos featuring her and Chris’ baby boy, Aeko, and these made fans really happy.

She also impressed people when she shared a photo of herself in the shower , showing off her natural beauty.

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