Ammika Harris Shows Off A New Hairdo - Check Out Her Latest Photos That Have Fans Praising Her

Ammika Harris Shows Off A New Hairdo - Check Out Her Latest Photos That Have Fans Praising Her
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Ammika Harris is showing off a new hairdo in the latest photos that she shared on her social media account. You can check them out below and see why people are so hyped wit her look!

Someone said: 'Your voice is like a classical actresses voice and I love it 😍'

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A follower posted this: 'You are such amazing mom totally raising the little one...I love the video of your baby-kissing your shoulder and then resting his little head on his mama. Priceless♥️🔥. 🙏🏽 Many more blessings to come.'

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One commenter said: 'The second picture is so cute🤍. Space buns,' and someone else posted this: 'Aaaaah cute cutie so beautiful hon. That smile is amazing and loves that hairstyle on you. 🔥🔥'

A fan asked: 'Where is your outfit from? its cute💕' and one other follower gushed over her and said: 'The most beautiful in the whole world😩❤️😍.'

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Someone else said: 'Girl every time you post you remind me that I should be exercising 😩' and one other follower posted this: '@ammikaaa you look beautiful when you smile.'

Lots of people continued to praise Aeko's mom's beauty in the comments and told Chris Brown that he's such a lucky man.

Ammika Harris became a role model for a lot of her lady fans. This is what they are telling her these days.

She managed to impress lots of followers and fans with the gorgeous pics that she had been dropping these days on social media.

She has been on vacay with  Chris Brown  and their baby boy, Aeko and she made sure to keep fans updated.

She recently shared a photo session in which she's showing off a lot of skin, and she looks amazing , as fans can see in the pics.


Ammika is definitely living her best life with her baby boy.

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