Ammika Harris Shows Fans How Mornings With Aeko Are - Check Out Her Recent Video

Ammika Harris Shows Fans How Mornings With Aeko Are - Check Out Her Recent Video
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Ammika Harris is showing fans how her mornings with Aeko are. Check out the new clip that she recently shared on her social media account below.

Someone said: 'I love that you have that wall so he can become artistic and creative like his parents! ❤️👏' and another followewr posted this: 'Awww. Here comes the talents. The world is not ready. They better get ready. You guys made an angel. 🖤'

Another follower said: 'Awww, he is going to be Artist like daddyloe😍😍.. bragged the markers to try.. too ,' and someone else posetd this: 'Awwwww such a sweet little guy. Much love and many blessings to you and Aeko! 😍❤️ @ammikaaa.'

One commenter posted this message: 'Omg he’s too grown I can't @ammikaaa thank you for this 😍😍' and another follower posted this: 'You know what you two are just so lovely❤️'

A fan wrote: 'Oh boy "terrible twos" ain't gonna be ready for this little bundle of joy 😂'

More people praised Aeko like there's no tomorrow in the comments, telling Ammika that he and Chris are twinning.

Ammika's fans keep asking her whether she is still with Chris Brown these days, and some assumed that they are just co-parenting.

Either way, Ammika could not be happier with her baby boy, and her fans know and love this.

In other recent news, not too long ago, there were a lot of fans who told  Chris Brown  that if he’s still together with her, this means that he is one lucky guy for sure.

Also, it’s worth noting that Ammika Harris has been  making some pretty funny moves  on social media. Check out the clip that she posted on her IG account.


Ammika is living her best life with her baby boy, Aeko, and she could not be happier. Fans and followers are also in awe these days.

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