Ammika Harris Shares Hot Chris Brown Pic On Her IG Stories Only Weeks After Unfollowing Him!

Ammika Harris Shares Hot Chris Brown Pic On Her IG Stories Only Weeks After Unfollowing Him!
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It hasn’t been long at all since Ammika Harris unfollowed the father of her child, Chris Brown , on social media, suggesting that there is trouble in paradise for the brief, long distance couple. However, she now took to her platform to share a hot pic of her baby daddy and fans are confused about their complicated relationship.

Have the two made up already? This seems to be the case given the fact that the stunning Instagram model shared a photo of the singer looking quite sultry while posing for the camera.

It features Chris Brown smoking and lifting up his lip to show off the bling on his teeth and it had no caption, which only further confused her followers.

This comes just couple of months after the co-parents, who were reportedly dating at the time, decided to suddenly unfollow each other, after weeks of online flirting and gushing over each other.

At the time, one source told HollywoodLife that they have a pretty ‘complicated’ relationship but that their little bump in the road, ‘won’t last long. They have ups and downs like everyone else, plus they are constantly under a microscope while also living on different continents.’

Naturally, since Ammika is still stuck in Germany with their son amid the pandemic, the distance has added even more pressure to Chris and Ammika’s relationship.

‘Not being able to see each one another in person and to spend real time together, all while being quarantined would make anyone frustrated. They have so much going on and they have been making the best of it after not being together and Chris not seeing his son in person for 6 months now. They will be fine and it is really not a big deal. They will likely be flirting on social media again in no time,’ the insider explained.

Well, it looks like they were right!


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