Ammika Harris Poses With Baby Aeko At The Beach And He's Twining With His Dad - Are She And Chris Brown On Vacay?

Ammika Harris Poses With Baby Aeko At The Beach And He's Twining With His Dad - Are She And Chris Brown On Vacay?
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Ammika Harris dropped a gorgeous photo featuring herself and baby Aeko at the beach. Fans go crazy with excitement, and they are wondering in the comments whether she and Chris Brown went somewhere in a vacay to spend some quality time together.

Check out the gorgeous photo in which Aeko is twining with his dad.

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Someone said: 'Boy look just like c breezy,' and another follower posted this message: 'awww he looks just like his dad!'

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One commenter wrote: 'He looks like someone just destroyed his sandcastle that he built with you or Chris 😂😂', and another follower said: 'Omg, look at that face !! CB jr !! 🤩'

Someone else posted this message: 'He is such a beautiful boy! And you are an incredible mother to him 🙏,' and a commenter wrote: 'He is the perfect blend of u and Chris ❤'

One other follower said: 'Your facial expressions with Chris’s face lol,' and someone else posted this: 'He said I already got a daddy, fellas move along.'

Another follower posted: 'Talks' facial expressions are damn near identical. Too cute,' and one fan said: 'finally he looks like you lol❤️ hope y’all had fun!!He has great face impressions and does not even know it💖.'

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Someone else wrote: 'You’re gorgeous and he is too, but he still looks identical to Chris.'

More people said that Aeko is twining with Chris and also asked Ammika where did Chris take them.

In other recent news, Ammika Harris shared a jaw-dropping photo on her social media account, which left her fans in awe.

She is wearing a tiny swimsuit that leaves very little to the imagination. Check out her amazing photo .


Also, not too long ago, Ammika managed to make her fans excited with a new photo that she decided to drop on her social media account. Check out the pic.

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