Ammika Harris Makes Fans Happy With More Images Of Her Home And A New Video Featuring Aeko!

Ammika Harris Makes Fans Happy With More Images Of Her Home And A New Video Featuring Aeko!
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Ammika Harris shared some new images of her home, and she also dropped a new clip featuring Aeko. Check out her post which includes all these below.

Someone said: 'He's just so precious 🥰 happy easter,' and another follower posted this message: 'Where are your jeans from? Love your style.'

One other follower said: 'Aaaw so cute little baby 😍 love your hair @ammikaaa 😍'and another follower said: 'U snapped girl ! 🥺. How did u even take those pictures?'

Someone else posted this: 'And happy Easter to u! I’m literally loving your apartment! And the aesthetic ❤️' and one other follower said: 'And the way our aeko was running is the cutest thing! 😫'

A fan posted this: 'Love the colour and texture in this picture!! It’s perfect,' and someone else said: 'Happy Easter to you and yours love🤍🙌🏾. Catori is a runner he’s a track star.'

Someone said: 'Wake up to this on my timeline 😩🤩 when you look at a reflection of yourself deeply you can find your soul🧿 also aeko is baby flash 😂⚡️'

A commenter wrote: 'That's how I am, post a late holiday picture saying "happy" some 😂'

Ammika is living her best life with her and Chris Brown's son, Aeko. People keep wondering whether she is still together with Chris or if they are simply co-parenting.

Ammika Harris is showing a lot of skin on social media in a video in which she shows off her gold jewellery and a really cool outfit. Check out the video.

Ammika makes sure to keep her fans and followers updated via social media all the time. Stay tuned for more news.

This young lady is living her best life these days with her family and friends.


Check out her social media account because she always makes sure to keep everyone updated on her life there.

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